Proteco Meko

Proteco Meko


The Proteco Meko is an electromechanical sliding gate motor system designed to open leafs up to 800kg in weight and 13 metres in length. Using 230v standard main power supply the Meko has an duty cycle of 40% which is suited for single property domestic use. The Meko’s drive systems is via a M4 profile (module 4) pinion cog which engages with toothed M4 rack (affixed to the gate) to move the sliding gate. The Meko has a mechanical limit switch and key operated override/release mechanism that can be used in the event of a powercut to disengage the motor and allow the gate to be manually opened.

Kit contains

1 x Meko Motor (including covers
1 x Release Key (for use in power cuts)
1 x Instruction Sheet

Key facts

Sliding gate up to 13m

Quiet operation

Domestic use, 1 property (40% duty cycle)

Suitable for gates up to 800kg

230v standard mains power

Easy programming (10 seconds automatic mode)

Irreversible motor (secures the gates)

Precision engineered with quality material